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Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Season 5)

I have enjoyed watching Star Wars Clone Wars animation episodes since its debut in 2008. I cooled off in Season 4 after Savage Opress’ betrayal as it all went downhill after that episode. However, with the Dathomir massacre, Asajj Ventress’ epiphany, and Dave Filoni bringing back Darth Maul, things were beginning to happen in the galaxy.
I think there would be lots of fans waiting to see what the writers will do with the new Darth Maul as he is a mysterious character in the whole Star Wars saga. More importantly, I think we may get to see, in more details, the events that led to the fall of Anakin Skywalker. Season 5 starts on September 29th on Cartoon Network in the United States.

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Book Review: Z.Apocalypse by Steve Cole

Z. Apocalypse (Z Rex Trilogy): Steve Cole: Books

ISBN: 1862307792
ISBN-13: 9781862307797

Z.Apocalypse is the third book in the Z. trilogy written by Steve Cole. The book focuses on the final assault by Geneflow on the world. Geneflow is an organization that manufactures biotech weapons in the form of prehistoric beasts. This organisation simply enhances the strength and the abilities of these animals and uses them to attack the humanity.

When Geneflow launches its final phase of attack on the world, it was left to a fourteen-year-old named Adam and his friend, Zoe, to use their abilities to communicate with prehistoric animals to stop Geneflow from taking over the world. With the help of a rogue beast, a pterosaur named Keera, Adam and Zoe plan a covert mission with the United States Army to take down Geneflow once and for all.

Z.Apocalypse is easy to read because it distils difficult science and technology concepts into simple sentences. The start of the book reads like a movie script, and it draws you into the world being damaged by dinosaurs and on the brink of anarchy. The relationship between the military and the scientists fighting to restore order is credible and realistic, making the suspense gripping and the stage set for a climax.

Z.Apocalypse feels rushed towards the end as Adam and his friends made their assault. The dialogue becomes mumbled up, the description hurried, and scenes overlapping so much that we are not sure what is happening. In short, what could have been a fantastic, big bang of an end turns out to be low-keyed and unsatisfying. A disappointing conclusion, I would say.

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