'Yomi 'Segun Stephen, in traditional terms, is an essayist, reviewer and an illustrator. Aside from bouts of daydreaming, he loves helping others live a life of awareness through his writings and drawings.

This blog is mainly for book reviews, with a sprinkling of essays and few of Yomi's illustrations. Yomi's approach is to look for ideas that have the potential to excite, illuminate or change lives. He also writes and draws with that quest in mind - as part of his search for soul and spirit enrichment.

Yomi's work has appeared and disappeared online at various times on sites like YesLordRadio, Fervr, NewBooksMag, and a few others. He is the author of A Cynic's Sight: 18 Lessons From Ecclesiastes.

Yomi presently lives in Kent UK with his wife, two children and a frisky spaniel named Ziva.