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Life is a Radio

Life is not an iPod (Photo credit: sucelloleiloes ) I recently heard the phrase: “Life is not an iPod but a radio.” This statement is true. I once had thoughts similar to this while fiddling with my wife’s iPod on my way to work. This activity left me exasperated as I had to skip three or more songs for every single track I truly enjoyed. While on this task, my mind strayed to the days of Sony Cassette Walkman when all you had was the fast-forward and rewind buttons. With these two buttons, getting to the parts you love in a cassette can sometimes take up to two minutes. With that particular technology, you tend to listen to most of an album; even when it is not so good. Life is not an iPod but a radio. Just as we cannot skip, fast-forward, or rewind songs on a radio, we cannot pick and choose what comes to us in life. The best we can do is change the frequency to another station where we still do not have control over what is said or played. We all experience bad and goo

Hiatus – Moving House

I am moving house, hence, this blog would remain as it is until next week. Hopefully, I should be able to start writing short pieces as from next Saturday. Sayonara !