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BBC2 – How To Write

Michael Morpurgo , Philip Pullman , Caroline Bird , and few others talk about their personal approach and unique process to writing. This 30-minute talk was delivered to 400 young people at Broughton Castle in Oxfordshire . The video is available on BBC iPlayer (UK residents only) until April 24th.   War Horse: Michael Morpurgo, Francois Place: Books ISBN : 1405226668 ISBN-13 : 9781405226660

Book Review: Origins by R.H. Hughes

The tale is about the creators and the inhabitants of heaven . So it happens that the Masters are the creators. And of all their creation, they extol the characteristics of Lucifer , Michael, Gabriel and a few. The Masters continually give these select archangels greater responsibilities and duties of high honour in heaven. However, the Masters possess a secret knowledge - that Lucifer will betray his brothers and bring a terrible war on the universe. Secretly, the creators begin to plan with trusted angels and set up the defences of heaven in anticipation of the war their enemy will unleash on them. “ Origins ” explores the fantasy realm of heaven, the creation of its government, and its ways of life. It also reveals the ties between the rulers and the subjects, though more of the text is dedicated to the development of the relationships among the powerful archangels. We also get to see how these heavenly beings grew into their given roles and how those role