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The Bogle Effect by Eric Balchunas - Book Recommendation

The Bogle Effect is about Jack Bogle, the founder of The Vanguard Group, an American investment management company. The book explores Bogle's life as well as his financial and trading philosophy. This is a book that delves into the betrayal that made Bogle start his own investment management company. It details the company's (Vanguard) growth, challenges, and the influence it has over present-day investors. WHAT I LIKE ABOUT THE BOGLE EFFECT The book is expansive and included some of Bogle's own words, giving us not just a third-person view but a first-person's as well. Also, the author did not paint his subject as some kind of saint. This is a book that did not only focus on Bogle's accomplishments - it does examine his dark side and its influence on his work. DISLIKES None. WHO THIS IS FOR The Bogle Effect is for those who know the man and want to know a bit more about his early days and the way his investing philosophy came together. Those not famili

The Way Forward: From Early Republic to People’s Republic (1912 – 1949) by Jing Liu

History is messy and complicated. Every country has skeletons in its cupboards and will give you different justifications or reasons as to why they are there. The Way Forward is the fifth volume of the Understanding China Through Comics series. The series seems to be aimed at simplifying the history of China as a country, without losing the essence and vital details of the events that formed the country into what it is today. WHAT I LIKE ABOUT THIS BOOK The Way Forward makes effort to explain the nitty-gritty of macro-events, especially how it affects the common man or woman in China. We are not just told who or what made a decision at the highest level of government, we are shown how it impacted the citizens and the ramifications for the common man. This level of detail kept me engaged and invested. DISLIKES While this book does not shy away from some uncomfortable subjects, there is an element of excuse for most mishaps or ill-actions caused by China. In my opinion, hi

Navigating Ambiguity By Andrea Small And Kelly Schmutte - Book Recommendation

Navigating Ambiguity is an attempt by a group of artists to share their perspectives on how we can thrive when we don't have a full picture of what is in front of us or what to do next in our lives and endeavours. This is a book that tries to help manage life uncertainties and ambiguities by teaching us the right kind of mindsets to adopt and how to adopt them. WHAT I LIKE IN THIS BOOK This is a book by designers and it shows. The graphic designs enhance the understanding of the subject matter. It makes reading the book easier and fun to navigate. More importantly, this is a book with lots of real-life examples of ambiguities and how to live with them. DISLIKES None. WHO IS IT FOR This is a self-help book by designers for everyone. These are professionals with something to say about life and their experiences are worth listening to by every adult grappling with the unknown.