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What Is It That You Want?

Gon: What is it that you want? Ging: I guess its “something” that I can’t see in front of me…I'm enjoying the journey. So if our paths happen to cross in the future...You should enjoy the little detours. To the fullest. Because that's where you'll find the things more important than what you want. Hunter x Hunter, Chapter 338 & 339 Original Background Photo by Arkady Nekozukii     Hunter X Hunter, Volume 1: Yoshihiro Togashi: Books ISBN : 1591167531 ISBN-13 : 9781591167532

Greg Darley On Why We Pray So Much, But Do So Little When Occassion Demands It

Almost everyone gives a praying person a pass. Due to the nature of prayer, we are always apt to give the person praying a benefit of the doubt, even if they are always choosing the wrong life options. In  Wasted Prayer: Know When God Wants You To Stop Praying And Start Doing,  Greg Darley questions whether prayer is the panacea to all problems in all situations. The book goes into the reasons why Christians seem  to pray so much, yet do so little about the issues we pray about, especially when situations demand it. The author states that we sometimes use prayer as an excuse to avoid taking difficult actions, especially when we know exactly what the will of God is. The author points to fear, pride, selfishness, and other reasons for this phenomenon. He proffers solutions on to these negative attributes and shares how we can tackle what needs to be done when we have the clarity of vision.