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Van Gogh's Second Gift: A Spiritual Path to Deeper Creativity by Cliff Edwards - Book Recommendation

  " many people expend their best efforts on something that isn’t worthy of their best efforts, and treat what they love in a ‘stepmotherly’ fashion instead of giving themselves openly to the irresistible urging of their heart." If you love reading letters or if you are a fan of the great artist Van Gogh, then reading Van Gogh's Second Gift will bring you pleasure and grant you another perspective on his life. Van Gogh's Second Gift commentates on a collection of letters the artist wrote to his brother, sister-in-law, and friends. The letters show us Van Gogh's view on literature, his approach to his work, and how his Christian beliefs shaped his artistic priorities. LIKES It is always a privilege to read a dead's artists own words, rather than the ones written about him. Van Gogh own letters reveal a lot about him, much more than any commentary or third party opinion ever will. This book delivers a lot on that. We are given a front seat to

Dancing With The Gods by Kent Nerburn - Book Recommendation

  There are many books that reveal the joys and struggles of creating something out of your imagination. Kent Nerburn's Dancing with the Gods: Reflections on Life and Art is one of those. Having said that, Dancing with the Gods is much more. This is a work that opens up the inner life of a creator and what it takes to make peace with its triumphs and disappointments. It is full of valuable advice on what it takes to become a joyful and fulfilled creator. Kent Nerburn covers lots of issues and emotions that face anyone who rely on their imagination to do their work. THINGS I LOVE The author is forthright and grandfatherly in his approach. He uses lots of examples from his own life experiences in the arts. He is candid about his failures and missteps. He also touches on one of the most important topics to artists - finance. This is a book to read more than once as it seems to cover a lot of things most creators would have gone through. It is a work I wish I came across

Avatar: The Last Airbender-The Lost Adventures by Yang, Hicks, Gurihiru - Book Recommendation

Avatar: The Last Airbender-The Lost Adventures and Team Avatar Tales is a compilation of short stories that detail some of Team Avatar's adventures that were not covered during the TV show. Most of the stories here are set during the period before Zuko joins Team Avatar. In this volume, we witness the Avatar and his team explore the four nations in a bid to stop the Fire nation's tyranny. From Toph teaching Katara to be more assertive to Sokka joining the Fire nation's army, the group bonds grow stronger as they experience danger and fun together. THINGS I LOVE Most of the stories are downright funny and fits with the main plotline of the show. The character designs are awesome as usual. DISLIKES None. WHO IS IT FOR Fans of the franchise will read and reread this volume. It is that good. Many thanks to Dark Horse Books for review copy.

Tomorrow by Milligan, Hérvas, et al - Book Recommendation

Tomorrow looks at what happens when a pandemic hits, the kind that leaps from computers to humans, killing adults while sparing children. The story revolves around different groups - a music prodigy looking for his sister, a single dad struggling to care for his children while searching for a cure for the virus, and a power-hungry CEO looking to maintain his hold over his ex-employees. THINGS I LOVE It is strange to learn that this story was written before the Covid-19 pandemic. The book mirrors what is happening in the world right now. The characters are relatable and the dialogue is believable. The art fits with the theme and the colour palette is one of the best I have ever seen. DISLIKES None. WHO IS IT FOR Fans of apocalyptic fiction will have fun reading this. Many thanks to Berger Books for review copy.