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Forgotten Blade by Tze Chun & Toni Fejzul - A Review

Forgotten Blade is a fantasy story set in the land of Five Rivers. It is a tale of a female magician who enlisted the help of a mercenary to topple a theocratic government in revenge for the curse placed on her two children. WHAT I LIKE ABOUT THIS BOOK Forgotten Blade is a beautifully drawn book. The uniqueness and style of the art stand out in the midst of a tale that seems familiar. DISLIKES The plot is predictable and holds little or no surprise. WHO IS IT FOR Fans of epic fantasy may enjoy the art and possibilities Forgotten Blade has to offer. Many thanks to TKO Presents for providing a review copy.

Yellow Cab by Benoît Cohen & Christophe Chabouté - Book Recommendation

Going into a new career as a middle-aged person can be disorienting or empowering, depending on your circumstances or outlook on life. One thing that cannot be dismissed is the insight and understanding a new career or employment gives. It has the potential to open us to a side of life we may have overlooked or never noticed before. Yellow Cab is an autobiography (graphic novel) of a filmmaker called Benoît Cohen who, devoid of inspiration for his next film, decided to become a New York City taxi driver. What follows is his insights and documentation about the streets of New York - its people, its prejudices, and its politics. WHAT I LIKE ABOUT THE BOOK The characters in the book are interesting and mysterious. Even though some of them appear for a brief time, there is a liveliness to them that makes me hang on to their every word. The art has this kind of depressing quality to it... I expect it to bum me out but I quite like it actually as it fits the mood of the book. DIS