Yellow Cab by Benoît Cohen & Christophe Chabouté - Book Recommendation

Yellow Cab by Benoît Cohen, Christophe Chabouté
Going into a new career as a middle-aged person can be disorienting or empowering, depending on your circumstances or outlook on life. One thing that cannot be dismissed is the insight and understanding a new career or employment gives. It has the potential to open us to a side of life we may have overlooked or never noticed before.

Yellow Cab is an autobiography (graphic novel) of a filmmaker called Benoît Cohen who, devoid of inspiration for his next film, decided to become a New York City taxi driver. What follows is his insights and documentation about the streets of New York - its people, its prejudices, and its politics.


The characters in the book are interesting and mysterious. Even though some of them appear for a brief time, there is a liveliness to them that makes me hang on to their every word. The art has this kind of depressing quality to it... I expect it to bum me out but I quite like it actually as it fits the mood of the book.


Whether you are familiar with the work of Benoît Cohen or not, I think this is a non-fiction most fans of the genre will appreciate.

Many thanks to IDW Publishing for providing an advance copy.


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