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Lies My Teacher Taught Me (A Graphic Adaptation) by James W. Loewen, Nate Powell - Book Recommendation

  While the title may be misleading, "Lies My Teacher Told Me" strives to address numerous historical inaccuracies commonly taught in American schools. The book sheds light on the negligence of publishers in critically examining historical facts and figures while often prioritizing national pride and jingoism. The book challenges accepted mistruths about Columbus's role in American history and reveals lesser-known aspects of Helen Keller's life (aspects that are conveniently brushed aside as they do not fit into an established hero origin story). WHAT I APPRECIATE ABOUT THIS BOOK This book is a valuable guide for instructing students about the perils of unquestioningly believing everything they read. It emphasizes the significance of research and self-examination in the realm of history. It encourages readers to approach history with a critical mindset. DISLIKES None. TARGET AUDIENCE This is recommended for adults and young adults who have a passion for kn