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Sounds Like Misophonia by Dr. Jane Gregory & Adeel Ahmad - Book Recommendation

  Sounds Like Misophonia is an in-depth exploration of Misophonia, a rare condition characterized by an abnormal sensitivity to certain noises. It seeks to illustrate the far-reaching impacts of the disorder, detailing how it affects the lives of those who suffer from it. The author also provides a helpful guide on how to cope with this condition and maintain a healthy lifestyle despite its presence. WHAT I LIKE ABOUT THIS BOOK This book is a must-read for anyone struggling with Misophonia, as well as those who have family or friends affected by the condition. It offers a clear and concise breakdown of the symptoms and effects of this disorder, and offers strategies on how to live with it without sacrificing well-being. DISLIKES Nothing. WHO IS IT FOR? This is for anyone suffering from Misophonia. It can also prove helpful to those who have loved ones who are always irritable around certain sounds. Many thanks to Bloomsbury Publishing Plc for providing a review copy.

In Search of Gil Scott-Heron by Thomas Mauceri and Seb Piquet - Book Recommendation

  In Search of Gil Scott-Heron is a journey to discover the life and works of the famous musician. It is a detailed exploration of the artist's genius and how it shaped the music and culture of Black America. The book reveals the intricate details of Gil's life, from his early days in the music industry to his final years. It also documents the author's failed attempts to make a documentary on the artist. WHAT I LIKE ABOUT THE BOOK It is a great insight into his immense influence on American culture, and how it still resonates today. It is a testament to his legacy and his place in the music world, which will continue to be felt for many years to come. WHAT I DISLIKE Nothing. WHO IS THIS FOR? This book is a must-read for music lovers and those interested in learning more about the importance of Gil Scott-Heron. Those with no knowledge of his influence can also learn of his importance to music and culture in the West. Many thanks to Titan Books for providing a review copy.