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My Fascination with Anime

Anime Princess (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) I came to the anime arena very late – just about two, three years ago. It has been a wonderful experience, from writer’s point of view. I have a stereotypical view of Japanese as being rigid in attitude and dour in demeanour. I am slowly changing this perspective after watching anime like Togashi Yoshihiro’s Hunter X Hunter , Tite Kubo ’s Bleach, and few others. I think beneath the stereotypical hard Japanese face is a fun-loving, free spirit that creates with abandon and truth. I am thankful for their bravery and creativity.

Book Review: NIV Essentials Study Bible

Bulky study bibles and commentaries have long been known as the preserve of those who wants to be bible teachers, pastors, youth leaders , etc. The way these books are structured and written favours the academic-brained but a chore for those who love light reading. The NIV Essentials Study Bible doesn’t feel this way, though. It has the simplicity, both in structure and content, to appeal to those who just want to enjoy and assimilate the content for themselves, not because they want to stand in front of people to preach or teach. Even a new Christian will feel very comfortable and not overwhelmed reading NIV Essentials Study Bible.  So what makes this study bible unique in terms of structure and content? Firstly, it has a very minimalist outlook, no cluttering and mashing-up of sections. There is enough space between the sections to make sense of what is what without getting confused. Apart from the minimalist look, the language used is simple and in everyday English . There

Book Review - Samantha Sanderson: On the Scene by Robin Caroll

“…bullies don’t stop bullying . Once they get a target in their sights, they keep on doing it until they’re made to stop,” says Samantha “Sam” Sanderson to Nikki as she vows to find the person who has been sending her nasty messages. Sam loves been a journalist and recent events happening at Robinson Middle School is the opportunity she needs to sharpen her skills. With the help of her computer-whizz friend, Makayla, Sam is determined to shine a light on the evils of bullying and how to deal with it. However things take an unexpected turn as family problems start interfering with Sam’s investigation. Her loyalty to her sources is also put to test when the School Principal demands to know everything Sam knows about the bullying incident. With school suspension in the horizon, Sam has to decide what is most important to her and summon the courage to stand by her decision. “Samantha Sanderson: On the Scene” is the second book of the series. However, you do not need to read the first b