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How To Win The War On Truth by Samuel C. Spitale - Book Recommendation

How To Win The War On Truth is a graphic novel that explores historical examples of how the media, companies, and governments waged misinformation wars on everyday folks. The book also details how to find truths within media lies and educate ourselves to recognise our own susceptibility to misinformation. WHAT I LIKE ABOUT THE BOOK The author's use of real-life examples of misinformation and its effects is very educational and exposes how vulnerable even the most discerning of us can be. It shows how good people can turn into monsters based on false convictions fueled by misinformation. Also, the artwork complements the writing, bringing clarity to a complicated subject. WHAT I DISLIKE Nothing. WHO IS THIS FOR? This is for adults and young adults keen to learn how to navigate the internet world. It is for those who want to learn how to discriminate when taking in data that is meant to influence us. Many thanks to Quirk Books for providing a review copy.