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Life And Wisdom In Sean Michael Wilson And Cary Kwok's Graphic Tao de Ching

Tao De Ching by Sean Michael Wilson and Cary Kwok is a word and graphic commentary to Lao Tzu's Chinese philosophy classic. WHAT I LIKE ABOUT THE WORK I love Tao de Ching and it is refreshing to see it being interpreted in a different medium. Though William Scott Wilson's translation isn't my favourite, the authors did their best to bring out the meaning most personal to them, which is one of the cores of Taoist teachings. DISLIKES I could not comprehend the meaning behind a few of the drawings. However, most were easy enough to understand. WHO IS IT FOR People familiar with Tao de Ching would want to dip into this. Newcomers should find it suitable for comprehension and enjoyment. Many thanks to Shambhala Publications for review copy.

Loads Of Fun In Jeff Weigel's Quantum Mechanics

Jeff Weigel's Quantum Mechanics features two alien girls, Rox and Zam, living in a faraway corner of the universe. These girls love to tinker with machines and tech. Their love takes them into a pirate's ship and strange places in space where they face with more than they bargained for. WHAT I LOVE ABOUT THIS BOOK Quantum Mechanics  characters are distinct and charming. Rox and Zam's proclivities make reading the book fun. Also, the plot plays well into places you never think it'll go. Reading the book was a pleasure and the author's note at the end was a nice touch. WHO IS IT FOR Pre-teens, teens, and adults with a love of sci-fi will have a blast reading  Quantum Mechanics . Many thanks to Lion Forge for review copy.

The Hilarity In Adam Ellis' Super Chill

Super Chill by Adam Ellis is a gag-filled comic loosely based on the author's real-life experience. WHAT I LIKE ABOUT THE WORK Though the art is eye-catching and neat, the writing is quite good - the understated wryness and honesty of the narration and dialogue bring out the best in this book. DISLIKES I did not get a few of the jokes. However, that might be due to my own default joke setting. WHO IS IT FOR People familiar with Adam's work will love more-of-the-same Super Chill . Newcomers who like reading funny comics strips will fall in love with the work. Many thanks to Andrews McMeel Publishing for review copy.