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Kusama, The Graphic Novel by Elisa Macellari - Book Recommendation

Kusama, The Graphic Novel , is an attempt by Elisa Macellari to chronicle the influential artist's life journey from Nagano Prefecture in Japan to New York and back to Japan. She also explores Yayoi Kusama's mental disability and how much of it influenced her art. WHY I LOVE THE BOOK This is a book that showcases her contribution to the alternative movements that exists within the United States at the time. The author also reveals Kusama's ambitions and struggles within and outside those movements. I appreciate the inclusion of friends who helped her on her way as well as a peek into her artistic process. DISLIKES The illustration here does little to elevate the story, but I love the colour choices and the representations of Kusama's art. WHO IS IT FOR Kusama's fan will love this. Comics and graphic novel readers with a bent towards the biography genre might find something to chew on here. Many thanks to Laurence King Publishing for a review copy.

Dragon Age: Blue Wraith by DeFilippis, Weir, Furukawa - Book Rcommendation

Dragon Age: Blue Wraith continues Varric's task force's quest to keep the spread of red lyrium in check. The group, led by Ser Aaron Hawthorne, seeks to recruit Varric's old companion, Fenris to aid their mission. Part of this story involves a group of fanatical Qunari seeking to kill some high-ranking Tevinter members. A daughter of one of the Qunaris' target is caught in the middle of all this as she searches for her father, a quest that finally leads her to a showdown with Fenris. THINGS I LOVE The art is superb as always and the story is engaging. The dialogue is funny and the major characters live up to the Dragon Age standard. DISLIKES I do not like Fenris' character design for this volume. The design for Dragon Age 2 is much better. WHO IS IT FOR Fans of Dragon Age franchise will have loads of fun. Many thanks to Dark Horse Books for review copy.

Black Sheep: Unleash the Extraordinary, Awe-Inspiring, Undiscovered You by Brant Menswar - Book Recommendation

Black Sheep 's main theme is built around finding your "what". To find our purpose and lead meaningful lives, the author believes we must establish what our core values are, our so-called non-negotiables. He says it is when we define what these are that we can live our truth as well as make meaningful choices without second-guessing ourselves. THINGS I LOVE It is written in a straight-forward style and the author wastes no time diving into the meat of his premise. DISLIKES While the main idea behind this work is valid, it doesn't warrant so many pages. There is so much repetition as well as padding to make this into a bigger book. There is a feeling of having absorbed the main thrust of the book by the time the reader is halfway through. WHO IS IT FOR Those who love the self-help genre might find one or two things to like here. Many thanks to Page Two for a review copy.