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Book Review: George Washington Carver

Written by: John Perry Published by: Thomas Nelson   George Washington Carver (Christian Encounters Series) eBook: John Perry: Kindle Store ASIN : B0058EFT40 I once read somewhere that a good book never attracts attention to itself. Instead it draws readers to the issues it speaks about, allowing individuals to see situations as they are. The biography of George Washington Carver by John Perry is such a book. Without rambling or fancy words, it shows the life of an inventor in its glorious and inglorious light. The book reveals George Washington Carver’s humility, work ethic , kindness as well as his occasional vanity and stubbornness. The book starts with a background of Carver’s childhood in Missouri as a son of slaves. The author takes time to reflect on the brutal and unforgiving social stratum at that time telling us how Carver and his parents are kidnap