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The Action Bible Study ESV

“… easy to understand and has enough drawings to encourage reluctant readers.”

Fort Applegate & The Battle of Wounded Knee

Interesting and easy to understand. But won’t appeal to reluctant readers.

Nick Sousanis’ Unflattening On The Limitations Of Words As A Vehicle Of Language

A must-read if you are interested in the art of communication.

4 Female Rabblerousing Comedians Of The Early/Mid-Twentieth Century

A fantastic reference for stories you never knew were true about the history of comedy in the United States.

The Wildwood Way by Cliff Seruntine

If you are looking to embark on an adventure in the wild or you are already an enthusiast, this is an important book to pick up.

Derf Backderf On The World’s Trash Problem

Trashed is a graphic novel that follows the career of three garbage men as they picked up garbage off the streets of a particular village. The story follows their difficulties at a job that most people know little about. From scooping up maggots from weak bin bags, lifting heavy garbage cans full of car spare parts, lugging around rain-soaked dog poop on a rainy day, chased by a dog, and almost getting killed in a blizzard, Trashed showcases why being a garbage man ranks so high on the list of the most dangerous job in the world.  Trashed  doesn’t just deal with the adventures of these unlucky men, it highlights the problems with the way the modern world deals with stuff we throw away. The book looks into the future and forecasts trouble as we continue to dump refuse underground and in the ocean while disaster festers underneath our feet.  Trashed  digs deep into the world of trash. There are times I feel as if I am watching a documentary as the book flashes back to centuries old h