The Action Bible Study ESV


“… easy to understand and has enough drawings to encourage reluctant readers.”

Author: David C. Cook & Catherine DeVries

Title: The Action Bible Study Bible ESV

Paperback: 1248 pages

Publisher: David C Cook Publishing Company

Publishing Date: 28 Feb. 2015

Genre: Religion & Spirituality/Bible Studies


Reviewer: ‘Yomi ‘Segun Stephen

Review Rating: 4 (Good)




Within these pages … you'll read the most amazing true stories and see God's Word come to life in incredible detail with dramatic illustrations from comic book artist, Sergio Cariello.
You'll explore ancient worlds in new and exciting ways and meet fascinating kings and queens, heroic warriors, faithful prophets, and daring revolutionaries. And, within your life, you will see God in action!



Okay… this is a study Bible; which means, apart from the normal 66 canonical books, it has additional information that is added in the bid to make understanding the Bible easier. This is the spine of most study Bibles and what I believe they should be judged on.

ReadersThe Action Bible - Study Bible ESV have seven main features that is supposed to help us figure out the bible as well as make our spiritual lives richer. We have:
•    Illustrations: This is a unique feature of The Action Bible - Study Bible ESV. It is easy to tell looking at the front cover that this is a book heavy on graphics, more that most Bibles out there. And that is correct – it is not overwhelmingly comic-like, but it has enough tickle the imagination. And it is drawn by the talented Sergio Cariello.
•   Remember It: This feature highlights key verses for the reader to remember;
•    What About This?: This provides answers tough questions about God and life, among other things – The Action Study Bible have about 50 of these scattered among the pages;
•    Unlock It: This feature reveals more about the historical context of the biblical passage the reader looking at. It looks at bigger events happening concurrently with the passage you are reading and seeks to provide a bigger picture.
•    Guess It: This are questions to test the reader’s knowledge of the bible;
•   Ancient Archives: This helps make sense of the cultures and tradition of the period of the events recorded in the bible ;
•    Activate It: This feature is more of a devotional aimed at helping the reader to put what he or she has read to practice.

CaptureAll these features are nothing new and most, if not all, have been used (under different names) in other study Bibles. However, what makes The Action Bible - Study Bible ESV unique is not in these features, but the introductions to each book of the Bible. The introduction is beautifully written, pleasing to the eye in terms of design, and has quality information that would make you want to know more.

On the downside, I had hoped that The Action Bible - Study Bible ESV would contain more graphics. Don’t get me wrong, it is well-designed and has lots of colourful drawings, but I wish there would be a bit much more. This would have surely make it better.


Overall, The Action Bible Study ESV is a solid study Bible for pre-teens and teenagers to sink their teeth into. It is easy to understand and has enough drawings to encourage reluctant readers. Recommended.


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