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Ars Vitae by Elizabeth Lasch-Quinn: Book Recommendation

Ars Vitae explores various branches and examples of philosophy. It traces their history and analyses their recent growth as well as relevance to our modern lives. WHY I LOVE THE BOOK The author is fairly rigorous in her explanation of some modern phenomenon of philosophy. From Wachowskis' Matrix to Ridley Scott's Gladiator, she explains various modern takes on ancient philosophy and the impact they've made on the public. Ars Vitae also looks at the darker side of these modern interpretations and the influence of charlatans in the philosophy sphere. DISLIKES None. WHO IS IT FOR Philosophy and self-help nerds will find one or two things to like here. Many thanks to the University of Notre Dame Press for a review copy.

The Ends Game by Bertini & Koenigsberg - Book Recommendation

The Ends Game examines what it truly means for a business to put customer care at the centre of what they do. It explains new and old research about the consumer and how companies can benefit from these perspectives in today's digital market. WHY I LOVE THE BOOK The authors give loads of examples of companies who are on the right path as far as customer care is concerned. It is refreshing to see where a few businesses have gone wrong and what some have done right. DISLIKES It is a dry read and takes some effort for those who are not business or economics nerds. WHO IS IT FOR Anyone who is looking to start or invest in a business needs to give this a look. Many thanks to MIT Press for a review copy.