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Golden Birdwing Butterfly

The Golden Birdwing Butterfly is the epitome of minimalism. Its green spots contrasts well with its black wings and produces a striking yet lovely sights around gardens all over the world. This unique butterfly is my inspiration for this piece.

Mirthless Laughter

Just like Death and Its Scythe , this is an old work from a webcomic. While the old piece featured the smoke-like breath coming from the front of the mouth, I decided to redesigned this with the breath coming from the sides. Please check out my store if you are interested in buying items with this print on it.

A Boat Out On Water

I was thinking about the simple theme of exploration while working on this. The influence of water as a means of life as well as travel is fascinating. I love the contrast of skyblue on dark backgrounds so I decided to go with that to depict water that recedes into the horizon.

Death & Its Scythe

Death and Its Scythe is one of my old works. I did it for a webcomic I drew around three year ago. I love this image so much that I used it as the webcomic's primary thumbnail. People loved it.