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Down To The Bone: A Leukemia Story by Catherine Pioli - Book Recommendation

Non-fiction books are usually solemn and tempered, especially those themed around illness and death. Down to the Bone by Catherine Pioli is an exception to this. Yes, there are touching moments... but it also celebrates life in humorous and uplifting ways. WHAT I LIKE ABOUT THIS BOOK The art of Down to the Bone is understatedly beautiful; enchanting even. The simplicity and the use of colour are something I have never seen before (as a concept). Most importantly, the style is fitting for the book and its theme. I also love the humour on display. It feels odd to laugh when reading a book like this, but some of the situations and reactions of the author to her predicament touched me and brought out a myriad of emotions in me. DISLIKES None. WHO IS IT FOR Any adult who loves non-fiction ought to try reading Down to the Bone . Many thanks to Graphic Mundi - PSU Press for providing a review copy.