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Papaya Salad by Elisa Macellari - Book Recommendation

Papaya Salad is a story about the author's great-uncle Sompong, a Thai who envisions travelling the world and learning different languages. The book covers the strange path life takes Sompong on his road to fulfil his dreams against the backdrop of World War 2. It is a straight-forward story with charming illustrations and vibrant colours. I was able to observe the perspectives of normal peoples as well as what being the "enemy" looks and feels like during the war. The cultural background of this work is a valuable historical reference to those interested in that period. DISLIKES None. WHO IS IT FOR Those with a liking for a slice of life story will find their groove here. Those who love reading about the events of WW2 will also find something here. Many thanks to Dark Horse Books for a review copy.

The Practice by Seth Godin - Book Recommendation

The Practice is an exhortation to all creators to focus on the process of work rather than the outcome of work. The book prioritises routine over inspiration when it comes to mastery of any craft. WHY I LOVE THE BOOK The book is written in a blogpost style, similar to what the author usually writes on his website . It is easy to digest and insightful. This book contains nothing new, however, it offers a twist to what we understand about creativity, inspiration, and consistency. In myriads of ways as well as using memorable anecdotes, the author tells us to stop waiting for inspiration to strike. He encourages us to find our practice, our routine, something we can do over and over and over again in the ultimate service of others. DISLIKES None. WHO IS IT FOR Every young adult or adult seeking self-knowledge as well as looking to improve their craft. Many thanks to Portfolio for a review copy.

Mass Effect: The Complete Comics by Walters, Miller et al - Book Recommendation

Mass Effect: The Complete Comics is a collection of all Mass Effect comics into one huge volume. The stories here adds a bit of flesh to the narratives in the video games (Mass Effect 2 and 3). This volume gives us the background to the grand conflicts in the Mass Effect universe and how some characters came to be who they are.  The tales here range from the origins of Illusive Man to Garrus' adventures while Shepard's body is with Ceberus. We are able to also catch a glimpse of what it took for Liara to recover Shepard's body and Aria's bust-up with Ceberus, right before she enlists Shepard's help. THINGS I LOVE These stories adds much colour to the franchise. It gives an opportunity to reconnect with favourite characters as well as glean some insights into their backgrounds and motives. DISLIKES None. WHO IS IT FOR Fans of the franchise will enjoy the story so much as to play the games again. Many thanks to Dark Horse Books for review copy.

Mr Spock's Little Book of Mindfulness by Glenn Dakin - Book Recommendation

Mr Spock's Little Book of Mindfulness is a book that picks out weird but valuable life lessons from the well-known Star Trek character's idiosyncrasies. WHY I LOVE THE BOOK The writing is simple, funny and compatible with Mr Spock's own style of humour. This is a book that doesn't take itself too seriously and encourages us to do the same. The doodles add a jolt of attractiveness to the work. DISLIKES The front cover could be better. WHO IS IT FOR Most fans of the character won't regret picking this up. It's packed with most of the qualities that makes the character endearing. Many thanks to Hero Collector for a review copy.