Mass Effect: The Complete Comics by Walters, Miller et al - Book Recommendation

Mass Effect: The Complete Comics - Book Review

Mass Effect: The Complete Comics is a collection of all Mass Effect comics into one huge volume. The stories here adds a bit of flesh to the narratives in the video games (Mass Effect 2 and 3). This volume gives us the background to the grand conflicts in the Mass Effect universe and how some characters came to be who they are. 

The tales here range from the origins of Illusive Man to Garrus' adventures while Shepard's body is with Ceberus. We are able to also catch a glimpse of what it took for Liara to recover Shepard's body and Aria's bust-up with Ceberus, right before she enlists Shepard's help.

These stories adds much colour to the franchise. It gives an opportunity to reconnect with favourite characters as well as glean some insights into their backgrounds and motives.



Fans of the franchise will enjoy the story so much as to play the games again.

Many thanks to Dark Horse Books for review copy.


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