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The Way Of A Watercolour Painting Master

Thomas W. Schaller: Architect Of Light , examines the philosophies of Thomas W. Schaller and how they shape what he paints and how he paints. WHAT I LOVE ABOUT THIS BOOK This book is far more than a man telling us about his artistic preferences. It is a book full of life advice, dreams, artistic integrity and how to "see". The author shares his struggles and what he has come to understanding from a lifetime of painting. One of the features of Thomas W. Schaller's works is the use of lighting. The light effects he employs brings a vibrancy to his painting. It brought me lots of joy just to look at them. WHO IS IT FOR Thomas W. Schaller: Architect Of Light is not just for artists. Writers, poets,....anyone who creates will enjoy learning about how the author "sees". They may also learn the kind of mentality the author brings to his works which have garnered awards in more than 20 countries. Many thanks to F & W Media for review copy.

Tentacles At My Throat by Zerocalcare (Review)

Tentacles At My Throat is a semi-autobiography (I say "semi" because I am not sure which of his accounts are true or false). The book recounts the author and his friends' escapades from his youth to his mid-thirties. WHAT I LIKE ABOUT THE WORK I love self a deprecating humour and the book is chockful of it. Though this is a comic, the narration and dialogue are truthful. The author's eyes for societal imbalances and human nature shines through. He makes lots of observations about life that rings true even when you don' t feel like admitting it. DISLIKES The book starts in fits and spurts. Some readers might need a bit of patience to get in the groove. WHO IS IT FOR People weary of superhero comics who want something earthy. Lovers of memoir, biographies, or autobiography might like it. Many thanks to Europe Comics for review copy.

Colonialism and Identity in Prism Stalker

In a world of metaphysical power and telekinetic ecosystem, Vep is sold from one colony to another for war and profit. In the midst of her struggle for survival, she grapples with who she is and how she can turn her situation around without dying first. WHAT I LOVE ABOUT THIS BOOK I have not read a book like Prism Stalker  in a while. The world in which its characters inhabit is interesting and brutal. The colours, the psychic powers, the languages all feed into a cohesive, believable world that drags you on a journey with weird characters who can read minds and manipulate their environments. DISLIKES It starts quite slow, leaving me wondering what was going on. But my persistence paid off in a big way as the story became clearer and the plot unpredictable. WHO IS IT FOR? Prism Stalker is for those who enjoy sci-fi mixed with fantasy. If you don't mind a space opera with loads of aliens and colour, then you will enjoy this. Many thanks to Image Comic for review

Faith, Blood, And Magic In Brandon Dayton's Green Monk

Green Monk: Blood Of The Martyrs is about a monastic order and the various problems it faces in the bid to survive within an unforgiving medieval world. Also, the story chronicles the rise of a young monk, Alexey, into a fledgeling warrior, and the impact his actions will have on the order. WHAT I LIKE ABOUT THE WORK The author, Brandon Dayton, did not use lots of dialogue or narration in this book. He lets the art speak mostly with an intelligent panel arrangement and easy on the eye colour scheme. Though dialogue and narration are limited, I did not feel lost or misunderstand what the story is about. This is a testament to the artistry and hard work of the author. DISLIKES Because the author did not use a lot of words in guiding the reader, I did not feel connected to the characters as much. WHO IS IT FOR? People partial to light fantasy would enjoy reading Green Monk . There isn't lots of character name to memorise. Neither is the plot complicated. Though this b