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Mafiosa by Barbito, Carita, and Pattison - Book Recommendation

Mafiosa is a story of Nicoletta, a young lady in a Sicilian-American crime family, who is deemed unsuitable for taking a big role in the family business because she is a woman. Determined to prove herself, she engages in a few reckless ventures that turn out to be profitable yet attract enough trouble to plunge her family into crisis. LIKES The colour scheme is used well to suit the overall theme of crime, blood, and deceit. The dark tones used to depict the overall mood in some of the panels are top-notch. DISLIKES The characters are hard to get into, and that includes the protagonist. I find it difficult to sympathise with her though she has good reasons to be agitated. I wish the plot is worked a bit more to make us care about her feelings. WHO THIS IS FOR For fans of crime novels, of course. Though the protagonist might not be everyone's cup of tea. Many thanks to Dark Horse Books for providing a review copy.