WikiLeaks and the Age of Information

The word ‘wiki’ has never has so much mystery, wonder, amazement, fear, worry, and trepidation. The feelings listed above actually depend on who you are and what you do. If you are just an average citizen who is an internet troll, then the first half sums up how you feel at times. If you are a western politician with a high position in the government, then you are prone to experience the second half of the emotions, you may had ‘with sleepless nights’ on top of that.

Information has become a potent weapon that open eyes and disturb governments. Centuries past, if you print a true story about a king or queen or any other kind of ruler, you may find yourself in a murky dungeon or adorning the hangman’s noose. These days, such information annoys and frightens politicians like a cat under a pile of snow who will do anything to get out of the predicament it finds itself in.

I have not read much about Wikileaks. I have no doubt about the truth of some of the so-called ‘revelations’. I can smell fear – the way members of government talk to the press, the statements and the kind of words used, and the embarrassment and terror on their faces.

Wikileaks is just the first of this kind of release. Many website will follow with hacker getting their hands on valuable information and desiring to let the whole world know. Also, there will be the ‘fakers’ that will spin lies and cause panic around the world.

There had been the age of kings – when good kings rule and bad kings oppress. There had been age of knowledge when wisdom enlightened and evil geniuses wrecked havoc. The age of religion brought truth and falsehood. Creative innovation and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction were part of the legacies of industrial and technological revolution.

As for the age of information – truth will emerge and lies will spread. As we troll the internet and read of the latest scientific studies, we must take heed to what we read and hear. Any Jack (like me) can sit down and right anything on the internet, you know. As powerful and liberating as that sounds, I don’t think some of us think a lot before we write things (just like some folks never think before they speak). Beware of lies and falsehood disguised as facts and figures.

Welcome to the age of information where gossip is king.

Wait. Have you gone of CNN website of late? There was this guy……


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