The Horse at the Gates by DC Alden

The Horse at the Gates majors on one of the primary fears of western governments: a world of uncontrolled immigration. After a nuclear bomb destroys Islamabad, millions travel to Europe seeking sanctuary. Because of the sheer size of the influx, there are reports of violence and deaths in refugee camps in Britain. But there is more trouble brewing in London where another explosion destroys a mosque, causing chaos and condemnation across the Islamic world. At the root of all the intercontinental commotion is a terrorist plot aiming at shifting power from old hands, ushering in a new age of Islamic rule.

It is clear that DC Alden spent an enormous time researching his plot, characters, and location. The story is gripping, deep, controversial, and bold in its construction. Many critics look at the political events happening in our time and wonder if DC Alden is making a statement through The Horse at the Gates. However, as a work of fiction, it is a pleasant read.

Publisher: Self Published
ISBN: 978-0-9569080-2-5
Published Date: Thu 01st Sep 2011
Format: Paperback

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