Review - The Lazy Tour Of Two Idle Apprentices

The Lazy Tour Of Two Idle Apprentices was an account of Wilkie Collins' and Charles Dickens's escapades around Cumberland in 1857. Collins was portrayed as Mr. Idle (a born-and-bred idler) while Dickens was Mr. Goodchild (laboriously idle). The highlights of the journey include Mr. Idle's accident at Carrock Fell (a mountain) where he sprained his ankle. This accident caused Mr. Idle to reflect on the single cause of most his misfortunes in life - being deluded into activity and labour. This conclusion led him to believe being idle is the safest and best course of life for him.

There was also the story of a man who caused the death of his bride and inherited all her property. He killed her secret admirer as well and buried him underneath a tree in his garden. Though he had wanted to sell the house before the murder, he decided not to. He lived in the house for a long time and tended the garden himself instead of his gardener.

The Lazy Tour Of Two Idle Apprentices reads like a self- indulgent journal (especially the first chapter). If you are able to get past that chapter, then good things await you. I would not bother with this book if you are looking for a fast-paced thriller or an engaging book to exercise your faculties. This book is for "idle" people who want to lie down and daydream with an open book on their chest.

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