Halo 4–Master Chief is Back.

I am a fan of the Halo franchise, because of the intriguing gameplay and more importantly, because of its interesting backstory. Few console games combine good story line with engaging play… which Halo manages to do.
Bungie announced in 2010 that Halo 3 was its final game, and that all Halo games in the future will be made by 343 Industries. As expected 343i recently made an announcement about the making of Halo 4. This announcement had me interested, especially as the studio said Halo 4 will come with some specific features.
Firstly, Master Chief’s humanity and back story, which until noimagew had only been shown in comics and books will be delved into in a deeper way for Halo 4. Also, 343i has indicated that the level of threat that Master Chief faces will be upgraded. As a writer, I will be happy to see how Master Chief’s background will be weaved into the game campaign (note: there is also some rumours about Cortana taking center stage in the new game).
Part of the additions to Halo 4 will bean armour remake to make it look more realistic and a change in the hud-view  for comfortable gaming. Also the old battle rifle (the one that shoots in bursts) in Halo and Halo 2 is being brought back. Moreover, there are new player locations for multiplayers and about 100 new tracks being recorded for the game to give it a more cinematic feel.
With all these fantastic features coming with Halo 4, Christmas seems a long time away for few.

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