Getting Away from “Breaking News”

Are you a person who watches, reads, or listens to news while preparing for work? Or maybe you do any of these things while working. I used to; but not so much anymore. The usual answer I give to the question why I don’t watch news anymore is that I do not want to listen to any more bad news. I have met few people who say they don’t watch, read, or listen to the news anymore because of its gloomy contents.

News come via many media. Radio, TV, and mobile apps have become trendy over the years because of the inquisitive nature of humans. We love to know what others are going through. We check our phones every day, often, for the latest juicy gossip or updates on an event far away. Our news corporations cater to our hunger, hosting 24-hour programmes with exclusive news from around the world.

Whether we like it or not, we identify with what we hear, whether about ourselves or other people. We share people’s pain and unconsciously envy or rejoice with those who have done well. Yet it is inevitable that constant reports on wars, drought, injustices, recessions, and death will eventually get to some people who are sensitive to others’ misfortune. Let us face it, there is more bad news being reported in this world than good news; and too much of that can impact people negatively just as endless mishaps can get people down.

If you are feeling depressed and sad about what is happening around the world, so much that it affects a large part of your day, then reduce your news intake. Take long walks, read a book, visit a local theatre or a comedy show; do anything that will brighten your day or put a smile on someone else’s face. You should enjoy some free time with your family as well, with all gadgets put away. Life is too short to dwell on someone else’s troubles.

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