A Welcomed Addition

imageI used to love the Amplified Bible because of its unique feature of expanding on word meanings, thus making comprehension easy and reading enjoyable. It is good seeing another bible (Expanded Bible) of its kind making a bow on the scene.

I have heard people say the print version of the Expanded Bible is a lot better than the ebook version. However, I have to say I did enjoy the book because it was easy for me to check up reference verse(s) with a click and not by flipping hundreds of pages.

Apart from easy navigation, the translation in itself is clear, simple, and authoritative. Its clarity and directness makes it easy to comprehend and ponder on. Moreover, the expanded words are well researched as they help illumine the passage and shine more light on its context.

I cannot recommend the Expanded Bible enough. It is a welcomed addition to the family of exceptional bible translations.


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