Book Review - Agatha Raisin and the Murderous Marriage

The beginning of “Agatha Raisin and the Murderous Marriage” is similar to one of Agatha Christie’s books, yet different. The sentences are short, crisp, to the point. Not a word is wasted as MC Beaton draws us into Agatha Raisin’s backstory and her present circumstance. You do not need to read any other book to know what Agatha Raisin has been up to. You identify with her immediately. She seems...just like you.

The book immediately delves into Agatha Raisin’s love life in Cotswold. She is about to marry James Lacey. She is nervous, hoping the wedding preparations will go well. She also wishes life after the wedding ceremony will be a happy one. Agatha’s first marriage to her ex-husband, Jimmy Raisin, has been difficult and bumpy. She does not want a repeat of that experience.

Things turn awry when Jimmy Raisin, who Agatha thought was dead, shows up at the wedding. He claims he and Agatha were not properly divorced. The wedding ceremony breaks into chaos. James Lacey leaves in disappointment, leaving Agatha to face Jimmy.

Few days later, Jimmy’s corpse is found on a nearby farm. Agatha and James become suspects. The former lovers decide to collaborate temporarily to solve the mystery of Jimmy’s death.

MC Beaton’s style makes the book enjoyable. There are quirky characters to fascinate us and twists to keep us interested. However, it becomes a bit redundant towards the end. The author meanders along the well-trodden plot paths, leaving the reader bored, waiting for culprit to be revealed, and the book to end.

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