The Fruit of “Charity”

“Therefore do not let your good be spoken of as evil;” Romans 14:16

Have you ever felt the need to tell some people to keep their hard-earned money instead of giving it to charities. There are so many charities in today’s western world that I am tempted to believe the world is now a kind and loving place where most people are looking out for your well-being.
Charities are big business that makes people feel happy they are not like other people. Their main business is making money and distributing it to places where it won’t benefit anyone but the man at the helm.
The tree of charity offerings sometimes bears the fruit of arrogance. For example, some people believe they are better than the residents of a region because they give to a charity that distribute used items there.
Compassion takes more than feeling sorry for someone. Compassion breeds humility in the giver, which in turn cultivates respect for the receiver. Don’t give to charities to feel good that you are doing good. That is not compassion.

When Helping Hurts PB: Corbett & Fikkert: Books

ISBN: 0802457061
ISBN-13: 9780802457066

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