Evolution - A Monkey's Perspective

Many stories I’ve heard from men,
Of where we originated.
But none was so interesting
As the one told by a monkey:

I’m better than men, it said.
I take care of my kids.
I ain’t like some crazy teens,
Dumping babies in bins.

Many men with lots of fruits
Would rather they go to rot;
Even if little boys beg till morn'
For a bite to soothe their guts.

I once strolled past a school,
Wedged myself beneath a stool,
To listen to the latest follies,
That catch human fancies.
Ape begat man, the teacher said.
Evolution it's called, he further expressed.
Briskly I shook my hairy head,
And in fury stamped my stubby feet.
For I know so well,
We’re way different from men.


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