How to Read the Bible

Some people say you must approach the Bible with reverence, studying it line by line, meditating on each word, taking it to heart. Such argued that reading the scriptures like a novel is not ideal and does not make for useful experience, nor does it enrich whoever approaches it this way.

I suppose some view the bible as a kind of a wild animal, you know, a lion or a gorilla…something you might want to approach with trepidation, lest you displease it and it gobbles you up.

The bible is a book, a precious and inspired collection of books – read it fast, read it slow, sing it if you like, and dance it if it makes you glad. It does not matter if you come with a heavy or a light heart, in mockery or sincerity. Be sure it will leave its mark on you, one which will never cease to haunt your imagination, chiselling its message into your mind like a sculptor. A mark you will either carry around with love or with anger.


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