Your Primary Reward


Watching and reading about Channel 4’s Dispatches made me realise nothing is original. That chasing fame and wealth is a pointless activity and useless in the long run even when you have acquired either.


We all chase Facebook’s “Like” and Google’s “+” for various reasons - exposure for our work or art, the need to appreciated, and the assurance that we are doing something right. But when people start to purchase all that with money, then we cannot based our criteria for doing well on the “Like” and “+” anymore. We cannot adore those who amass millions of “fans” as being at the top of their game while those who work equally as hard at their craft are looked upon as nothing because they have zero hyperlinks declaring them as worthy.


As far as I'm concerned, I believe it’s all about the process - enjoying your work and hoping someone out there loves it and are blessed by it. As it was written in Ecclesiastes 2:24 and 3:22, (I will paraphrase) there is nothing as good as enjoying your work and having fun doing it. That is a gift from God and your primary reward.



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