Book Review: Unfaithfully Yours - Nigel Williams

A1dgFTUsMvL._SL1500_ Mrs. Price suspects her husband of cheating and won't rest until she finds out the truth. She hires a private detective who begins stalking Mr. Price and what he finds is not just the infidelity of one man but a web of betrayal, unfaithfulness, casual sex, and murder among childhood friends and neighbours.

Unfaithfully Yours starts brightly with witty lines and an uncanny understanding of human nature which lends believability to its characters. However as the story progresses towards the end, the author abandons believability in favour of incredulity and farce as almost all the characters begin jumping over one another's bones regardless of past association and feelings, with the private detective looking to get a little bit of the action as well.

My take in a line: great writing style and humour tempered with an unrealistic storyline.



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