January/February 2014 Issue - newbooks Magazine


I got my copy of newbooks magazine last week and was happy with it. As you can see on the cover, it has the picture of Val McDermid on it and inside was an interview with her about her works (which is quite a lot, I tell you).

Inside the magazines are reviews (sad mine didn’t make it) on books like Unfaithfully Yours by Nigel Williams, Longbourn by Jo Baker, When Mr Dog Bites by Brian Conaghan and others.

If you are interested in this kind of stuff, you may visit newbooksmag.com and subscribe. Note that there is a free book for every magazine (you will have to pay for p&p, though).





Unfaithfully Yours: Nigel Williams: Books

ISBN: 1472106741
ISBN-13: 9781472106742

Longbourn: Jo Baker: Books

ISBN: 0857522019
ISBN-13: 9780857522016

When Mr Dog Bites: Brian Conaghan: Books

ISBN: 1408838338
ISBN-13: 9781408838334


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