Book Review - Libriomancer by Jim C. Hines

When vampires start disappearing all over the world, they suspect the obvious - the Porters, an order created 500 years ago by Johannes Gutenberg to preserve the secrecy of magic in books, have broken the treaty and were abducting vampires. However, the Porters feel it is the vampires breaking the truce as recent reports confirm that the night-dwellers have been murdering members of the order.On an afternoon in a library, Isaac Vainio, a Porter and an off-field Libriomancer, successfully fights off some vampires with help of an old acquaintance, a dryad called Lena Greenwood. Lena informs Isaac of recent events concerning the Porters and vampires as well as the disappearance of Doctor Zak, a well known doctor among the Porters.

Issac and Lena start out to rescue Dr Zak as well as discover what could have caused vampires to attack the Porters. The search took them through forests, abandoned warehouses, and the very heart of the vampire empire.

Their adventure eventually leads to Charles Hubert, a man with libriomancy powers who is out to get revenge for the death of his brother as well as being used by a power unknown to most. What happens when Isaac and Charles meets will have a far-reaching consequence in the magic world.

Libriomancer (Magic Ex Libris 1) is an unusual book, a kind of book every book lover wished they wrote. The book's world building rules appears simple, but in truth is slightly complicated. What the author did well was stick with most of the rules he created. Because of this, the characters seem real, unique, evolving without changing the core of who they are, making the story stay with you long after you have dropped the book.

The beginning is slow but its gets better if you stick with it. There is all round action to keep you entertained though I do not understand the love triangle thingy among Isaac, Lena, and the doctor. Controversial? Yes. But quite uncomfortable and I daresay a departure from what was supposed to be the true nature of the dryad (to please their owners) as set in the earlier parts of the book by the author.

Libriomancer (Magic Ex Libris 1) eBook: Jim C. Hines: Kindle Store



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