Book Review - The French Promise by Fiona McIntosh


Luc Bonet, a French Maquisard falls in love with a beautiful British spy, Lisette, during World War 2. Though, Luc struggles with Lisette’s war “assignment” (a German General named Markus Kilian), he still tries to help her in any way he can.

After the war, Luc learns his adopted family died in a concentration camp in Germany. He bemoans the lack of details about their last days and wishes to find out more. He is unsuccessful. As a result of his failure, he becomes depressed and it affects his relationship with Lisette.

After few unhappy post-war years, Luc and Lisette decide to move to Australia to start a new life. With two children and a prospering lavender farm after years of hard work, the Luc Bonet, now Ravens, finally seems content with life. However, old war wounds reopen with the letters from Markus Kilian’s son, Max Vogel. Shortly after receiving Max Vogel’s letter, Lisette dies in a swimming accident alongside her son.

Lisette’s death devastates Luc so much that he sinks back into depression. While mourning his wife and son’s death, Luc receives a letter from Max Vogel, telling him about how his adopted family died in Germany and the person responsible for their death had fled to France. After reading this letter, Luc decides to leave for France face to his old demons.

The French Promise treads where few books have been - the plight of female spies during and after war - their lives, their men, family, and the society’s shifting perspective of this unique breed of the military.

The French Promise is an illuminating book that will tug at your heart strings.

The French Promise: Fiona McIntosh: Books

ISBN: 0749015659
ISBN-13: 9780749015657

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