Seth Godin on Vulnerability

“My thesis of humanity is that we are not squirrels. If you watch squirrels in the fall, they all do the same thing — they hide the acorns and stuff, they never help each other out, and they don’t do anything non-squirrel-like. They’re just squirrels — that’s their job. We’re beyond that, I would hope. And if we’re spending a lot of time in squirrel-like behaviour, we’re selling ourselves short.” – Seth Godin

I love Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings. It is one of the sites you wish you had created, especially if you love books and art like I do. Well, thank God someone else is doing it and I hope she will be able to keep at it for years to come.

The talk below (hosted by Debbie Millman) below is from Brain Pickings. In it Seth Godin talks about his book, V is for Vulnerable: Life Outside the Comfort Zone. I have listened to the talk and I love it. It is privilege embedding it here on my blog.

Whoever you are, please listen and enjoy.

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