Revelation TV Declares Its Stance on Israel and Gaza

image “Israel & Gaza: Does God takes ‘sides’?” was the title of the Revelation TV blog that came into my inbox this week. In it they lamented about the decision of some of their listeners to unsubscribe to Revelation TV because of its recent declarations on the conflict between Israel and Gaza.

They wrote that they believe God should be the judge of wrongdoing, Christians should pray for peace, be watchful, and not be manipulated by the media. More significantly, they urged believers to recognise the importance of standing with Israel due to their historical and prophetical significance to Christians.

To be honest, I do support a lot of these sentiments, however I think the nation of Israel had behaved badly on some few issues and standing with them doesn’t mean we should not have the boldness to call them out on some of the bad decisions they took. It is like siding with a fellow Christian, even when he or she has not done well, because they hold a spiritual office.

I do hope and pray peace reign in the Middle-East in general, that criminals behaving like politicians be put away permanently and innocents prosper in health and security.



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