What Am I Born To Do?


“What am I born to do?” is an ongoing question we all ask ourselves. Sometimes we find it, then we lose it, then we find it again. It is so crucial to some of us that we are willing to risk everything to find it. For some, it doesn’t seem to matter.

However, there is a great difference between those who are seek answers to this question and those who don’t. The difference lies in their inner lives, the nature of their joy and pain.

I was privileged to stumble upon Grant Baldwin’s podcast, “How Did You Get Into That?” about three weeks ago. It has been a God-inspired discovery. No one forwarded the link to me. I have never heard of it. I was just scrolling through a list of available podcast on my phone and happened to select it for reasons I cannot explain. I encourage anyone seeking his or her life’s purpose to check out Grant Baldwin’s site and listen to at least one podcast. You will find a signpost or two to help you along your way, I guarantee it.


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