Neoliberalism and its Endpoint

7121_w185Paul Verhaeghe wrote in the The Guardian this week that “an economic system that rewards psychopathic personality traits has changed our ethics and our personalities”. Thus he began his attack on neoliberalism and it’s offspring – selfishness, materialism,  and cruelty.

Paul Verhaeghe’s write-up is a type of article that doesn’t get written often and I recommend a read.

However on the issue of neoliberalism, think of it: if you base your economy and  way of life on something similar to strong-eat-weak pseudo-freedom  style of thinking, what do you get? Animals. No surprise there.

What About Me?: Jane Hedley-Prôle, Paul Verhaeghe: Books

ISBN: 1922247375
ISBN-13: 9781922247377

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