DAHLOV IPCAR, Black and White


Title:              Black and White

Author:         Dahlov Ipcar

Pages:           40

Publisher:   Flying Eye Books (2 Jan. 2015)



Black and White is about two friends - a white dog and a black dog. Though each has different tastes and dream different dreams, they still maintain friendship with each other. Though they live in separate houses, they play together every day and take pleasure in sharing their dreams.



Black and White was first published in 1963 during the height of the Civil Rights Movement in the USA. It seems the aim was to teach and promote equality amongst the children. This is a good idea but an odd one as children do not discriminate. Children learn racial discrimination as they grow towards adulthood.



The book’s colour contrasts is an attractive feature. The writing style is simple and straight-forward as well as full of clarity and meaning. It is a book made to endure.





Lovely story

Attractive art style








Many thanks to Flying Eye Books for providing a review copy.


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