KIRKMAN & AZACETA, Outcast (Volume 1)


Title:               Outcast

Author:          Robert Kirkman & Paul Azaceta

Pages:            152

Publisher:     Image Comics (10 Feb. 2015)



Kyle Barnes has been surrounded by demon-possessed individuals all his life and his personal life has been torn in bits as a result. Unknown to him, his mere existence also affects any demon-possessed person he comes in contact with in different ways.

His life changes when he reunites with an unusual Reverend waging a personal war against demons. Together, they seek answers to the growing numbers of demon-possessed people invading the neighbourhood undetected.



In time, both men discover hidden powers that will aid them in their fight against the demons. They also realise their limits in one of the battles against these unworldly creatures.

As the men continue their crusade, an unseen net closes in on them as the mastermind of the demonic invasion seeks to put a stop to their meddling. Time will tell if Kyle and the Reverend will survive or be swallowed up by a threat bigger than they had imagined.



Outcast is a smartly written tale from the creators of The Walking Dead about two men’s crusade against demons. It focuses on themes like relationships, exorcism, spirituality, and God. The art is beautiful and it is plain to see that much care is given to the details. However, the most beautiful thing about Outcast is the dialogue. Where most graphic novels invest much effort on the art but pay little attention to dialogue, Outcast shines both in art and even more so in dialogue. The conversations are seamless and natural; drawing you in and holding you spellbound.

There are few sentences here and there that seems clunky and made no sense, however this does not detract from the overall suspense of the book. Outcast is another brilliant work by a talented team.




Brilliant artwork

Seamless dialogue

Good story





Few clunky sentences



Many thanks to Diamond Book Distributors for review copy.


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