TODD TARPLEY, My Grandma’s A Ninja

My Grandma's a Ninja

Title:            My Grandma’s A Ninja

Author:       Todd Tarpley (Writer); Danny Chatzikonstantinou (Illustrator)

Pages:         40

Publisher: North-South Books (1 Mar. 2015)


“My grandma came to visit last week. She’s a ninja! It’s true. It was fun, at first…..”


Ethan’s grandma is a ninja. And he is proud of it. Keen to show her off at school, they take the zip line to school, where she somersaults, back flips, drops from the ceiling and frightens a teacher so much that the poor woman takes the day off. Ethan is proud of his grandma.


Good Thing Gone Wrong:

However, when grandma bust the playground ball and football practice is cancelled, Ethan‘s friends are angry. Ethan too. Ethan becomes angrier when dinner at his favourite restaurant is cancelled due to grandma's ninja antics. As a result, Ethan begins to rethink the usefulness of his grandma’s ninja abilities.



My Grandma’s a Ninja is an interesting read, showing a boy’s joy of having something cool as well as his dejection when that “cool” thing gets in the way of fun.

The art is not unique but the colour combinations are attractive and delightful to the eyes. The writing technique employs lots of short sentences in an effective way. An overall entertaining story.





Good colour combination

Fantastic writing

Entertaining story





Many thanks to North South Books Inc. for providing a review copy.


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