SHOTARO ISHINOMORI, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

The Legend of Zelda
Publisher: VIZ Media (21 May 2015)
The Legend of Zelda is a popular game among old school gamers. I never got into it nor did I understood the appeal. So when I saw a comic book version of it, I was curious.

The plot is straightforward, you see. Zelda, the Princess of the land of Hyrule, is imprisoned by Agahnim, a dark wizard. In despair, she telepathically calls to Link, who makes a dash (after some period of doubt) to rescue her.

Unfortunately, Link fails in his quest as he does not have what it takes to defeat Agahnim. As a result, Link embarks on a quest to get stronger and obtain the information and items he needs to rescue Zelda. The rest of the tale reveals how Link fares on his quest, the difficulty he faces, and how he overcomes them.

The Legend of Zelda (A Link to the Past) is a simple story with an uncomplicated plot that is easy to understand. There is nothing remarkable about the art, though the colour combination is good. I feel that the story itself is clich├ęd and the dialogue is disappointing. This franchise might be great in the gaming world, but for all its reputation, it falls flat in a comic book form.

Many thanks to VIZ Media for review copy.
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