ARNIE COLE & PAM OVWIGHO On How To Take Control Of Your Online Habits


“Industry experts estimate that smartphone users check their phones, on average, 110 to 150 times a day. Over a twelve-hour period, that’s about one check every six to seven minutes.”



Phones, internet, social media are all well-known words. These words are but a few of the products of this new era – the age of information. However, with every new phenomenon comes new problems. Some of the problems that grew as a result of the rise of internet usage are porn addiction, game addiction, sleep deprivation, etc.
So far, this is the story of our internet-obsessed era. Yes, it has brought much good stuff, but with it also came deep dark pits that trap and destroy. Managing Your Family’s High-Tech Habits by Arnie Cole and Pam Ovwigho lays bare the dangers we face and how to navigate this new terrain.


Managing Your Family’s High-Tech Habits is mainly about web addiction and what we can do to protect ourselves and our families. The book explains the importance of today’s technology in our lives as well as its dangers. It shines a light on the changes modern-day technology has made on our brains and our society. It also magnifies the danger and the wreckage web addiction has caused and highlights how we can take back our lives.


Managing Your Family’s High-Tech Habits combines a self-help approach with professional and instructive advice. Packed with facts and personal experiences from people of different backgrounds, the book shows how helpful technology can be and how spending too much time on it can be fatal to our well-being and relationships.
More importantly, it also lists ways we can take responsibility as well as help our friends and loved ones manage their time on the web.


“We spend 3 billion hours a week as a planet playing videogames…The average young person today in a country with a strong gamer culture will have spent 10,000 hours playing online games by the age of 21. Now 10,000 hours is a really interesting number. For children in the United States 10,080 hours is the exact amount of time you will spend in school from fifth grade to high school graduation if you have perfect attendance.”
“Smartphone users’ brains have an enhanced representation of their thumbs. According to a study published in the Journal of Current Biology, the more they text, the larger the representation. This benefit has some potential downsides as well. One of those is that the brain may lose some functions that are no longer deemed necessary as it is building new ones. For example, while we may become experts in scanning for information on a web page, our ability to read print for extended periods of time may suffer.”
“When possible, set a time limit for how long you will use your gadget. For example, I (Pam) love the Bejeweled Blitz game on my phone and really want to beat my high score. But to keep myself from staying up too late playing, I make a three-game rule for myself – three games and it gets turned off.”
“Establish your own boundaries for when you will check your phone and when you won’t. These may include a designated time of day to check email, messages and social media.”
“Teach kids about Internet safety in a way that matches their developmental stage. When they are younger, you will have more direct control over what they do online. Later you will need to equip them to protect themselves.”


Managing Your Family’s High-Tech Habits is balanced, informative and engaging summary of the bright and dark side of technology. The writing style is simple and devoid of useless jargons. Even if you have little knowledge about the online world, the book has the ability to speak and instruct you on its basic points, which is a characteristic of good writing.
Managing Your Family’s High-Tech Habits is written by Arnie Cole and Pam Ovwigho published by Barbour Publishing (01 June 2015 - USA; 30 June 2015 - UK).

Many thanks to Barbour Publishing for review copy.  All images are © to their respective owners.


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