Harrow County #2 - Twice Told

The Harrow County series is still as creepy as ever.

Emmy's interactions with the haints (or spirits) of Harrow County continues in Volume Two of this fascinating graphic novel. The village folks call on her to solve supernatural cases and Emmy always answer their call. This new development leads to a mutual and beneficial arrangements between the haints and the humans. In a way, Emmy has become the spiritual detective or spirit guardian of Harrow County.

But not everything is going on smoothly, there are some haints who don't want to associate with Emmy or conform to her new way of doing things. Nevertheless, they comply with Emmy's non-violence pact and try to keep away from humans.

Unfortunately, the newly-bought peace is shattered when Kammi, Emmy's long lost sister, arrives at Harrow County. Most think her arrival is to unite with Emmy and leave. How wrong they are. A spiritual storm is brewing with Kammi's continual presence in Harrow County as all hell is about to break loose.

Harrow County Volume 2 has a lot more pace compared to Volume 1. There is more story progression and less worldbuilding, which makes for a light, fun read. I have already spoken highly of the art in my review of the first volume and I am glad to say the quality is still superb with gorgeous, antique-y panels that are as creepy as I've come to expect from the illustrators. If you are a fan of the horror genre, you may want to look up the Harrow County series.


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